You already understand there are drafts in your house. You know from feeling just like outdoors your money is dribbling away through those air escapes which make your heater work all winter and your A/C slave all summer to keep indoors. But where are those small holes and cracks? How can you find them?

You have probably already discovered that you could use a smoke pen like the professionals use to discover your leaks and drafts. These pens come in a number of designs, but the one I advocate is designed with a wick instead of a lead.

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How do you put it to use after you have selected the right smoke pencil to your requirements? Fortunately, these things are easy to use. You are able to light a smoke pen, if you can light a candle. Loading the wicks is fast and easy; you simply press down on the end that flick your light or would function as the eraser on a pencil and slide among the wicks into the end where the point would be, then strike a match. The wick should promptly begin to produce plenty of smoke. Now just hold the pencil near your door facings, windows or other places where you transfer the smoke marijuana vapourizer so in the wall or along the potential problem place an inch, and slowly may have escapes. The smoke will sail directly upward if you've no leaks, but once you find an escape the smoke come swirling back into the room or will either abruptly evaporate into your wall - depending on whether your draft is now flowing out of or into your house.

Make sure you assess completely around hearths, ducts, conduits, window and door frames, ceiling, flooring and wall joints and anywhere else you guess issues. Since each wick will produce thirty minutes of constant smoke a single smoke pen should not be less than plenty to check your entire house, and great smoke pencils come with multiple wicks.


You may have heard that you simply can merely use an incense or a cigarette stick to find holes and the cracks that have to be sealed, and they present a couple of difficulties, while these two options can help you locate some of your problem areas. First smokes and incense have a tendency to create quite thin smoke that is certainly just visible under some conditions. Both leave behind strong smells that you simply may not want. Third, believe it or not, different types of smoke have distinct weights which affects the way the smoke will act in a draft. Professional smoke pens were created to give off highly visible smoke that is certainly the appropriate weight to provide you with the results you require.

Not all smoke pens, or smoke pencils as they are also called, are equally safe to use. Many of the puffer-type pens comprise not safe, corrosive chemicals like hydrochloric acid. You don't need to breath that into your lungs. But does one even need it going into your walls? Do you really desire to use a product that comes with warning labels alerting one to the risk of inhaling or ingesting the product in the space where pets and your children reside and play and a mile long cautioning contact? Are you wanting to expose yourself? The point of using a smoke pen in the first place was to make your family's life more comfortable while saving some money and reducing your carbon footprint. What you want is an item that produces tons of highly visible, odorless, non-toxic smoke.

The cash you'll save by sealing up these leaks may have you saving green - both in the surroundings and in your wallet when you use less energy. When you start sealing the problems you discovered using your smoke pen up, it is possible to go green once again by using a soy-based, eco-friendly gun foam. Our Twitter.